To My Fellowmen on Duterte’s Candidacy for President


“What do you want to be when you grow up?”


This is the usual question teachers would ask during grade school. My answer was always “I want to become a good doctor someday”. I would sometimes add, “I will never work abroad like other people because I want to serve my own country.” I remember Papa would always applaud me with this answer for he is always against the thought of working overseas. But Mama would say, “how about work overseas, save money, come back home, start a business and employ fellow Filipino people”. I can hardly get her point back then. Why do I have to make myself so difficult when there’s an easier and patriotic way?


When I first came here in Singapore, I thought I will never change my principle. I was very firm to adhere with what I have learned from school, PATRIOTISM. I had only 1 goal in mind. That is, to see my mom after graduating from University and while in the midst of our relationship problem in the family. From there, I fell in admiration with #LKYs work in Singapore. The cleanliness of the place and the well-disciplined citizens. On the other hand, I saw how tough my mama’s job was, how hard she worked and how lonely she was being away from us, her family. I then decided to try my luck in getting a job to accompany her and luckily got hired by my cool Singaporean employers. Surely, the journey wasn’t easy like many others.


However, in my 4 years here, I would always wonder why Philippines just can’t seem to progress considering we also have a bunch of brilliant people. Pirmi lang gayud naku pagahinuktokan nga mas kugihan ug utukan paman ang mga Pilipino kaysa uban pero nganu dili man ta malamboon? Ang nahitabo, ang mga laing nasud na hinuoy nakapahimulos sa talento sa mga Pilipino ug sila mas ning lambo. Pero nganu’ng magpagamit man pud ta sa laing nasud sa pagpanarbaho? Nganung naa man ko diri sa gawas karon nagtrabaho? Unsa namay nahitabo sa akung makabayan nga prinsipyo?

I would usually end up realizing that it’s “KALISOD”. Lisod kaayo ang panginabuhi’s Pilipinas mao ning manimpad nalang tas laing nasod. Mao pud siguro ang rason sa ubang OFW. Pero mga higala, usa ka dakung sagpa natong mga Pilipino ang mga panghitabo karon labi na sa atong mg news reports. Dili kalisod ang hinungdan aning tanan kundi mao mismo ang atong kurakot nga gobyerno.


What’s happening in Philippines now shows the true reason why our country just can’t seem to progress in spite of having a bunch of brilliant people. Yes, no matter how hard we try to get a better living. It’s our government themselves who are stopping us from achieving great heights. The leaders who are hungry for power and nothing else. What mom said during my grade school made sense after this whole thing. She was being realistic. Parents would send their children to good schools, get quality education, try to safeguard their children and give them the best of life. But after graduation? Boom! Only then the children will realize the sad reality in our country: too hard to land and maintain a job, high crime rate, human trafficking, poor emergency response and everything else. Name it. You all already know.


But weep no more! Good news is we are the ones who placed these elites to this position and we have the power to terminate them, replace them with ‘should-be-better-ones’ and hope for the best. We don’t need to keep the same old corrupt shameless leaders and end up crying for the same reasons over and over again. Our government is not getting any better. It is getting worse with all the obviously trashy government system, unfair politicians and biased media. We are too doomed that we need someone who is brave enough to stand for us and exercise his power rightfully.


Yes, we all have our personal opinions. As for me, I strongly agree that this dude, Duterte, is the Filipinos’ 911. I no need to say so much about this guy. It’s time for us to wake up, accept the fact that our country needs help and we must take action. We may not fully know each candidate but how they handle their campaigns already reflect so much about them.


“I dont care if I get burn in hell, as long as the people I serve live in paradise”

– Duterte


“Take a look at the other candidates first, pls consider me as your last option”.



So, do you really think he is a dictator? I believe these are not just sweet talks from him like what other politicians love to do. He don’t need  to be so hard up on that. Duterte’s people can speak for him.


Yes, I am writing a lot here. I am giving this a lot of thoughts because this is very important for us, Filipinos. We need to speak out. This is for our future. We are lucky enough to be given a chance to make a change on May 9. Let this be a significant change. Let this time be an eye-opener. A lot of Filipinos have shed sweat, tears or even blood and their lives protecting this country. Let this country be worth dying for.

And as to protecting your votes, I was once involved in gov’t elections when I ran for SK Chairman in our place. I would strongly refuse to believe in the saying ‘when money talks, people listen’. But yeah, politics is too dirty. Too bad I needed to experience that just to believe it. So pls be vigilant! Let us protect our votes. The cheaters are now roaming around like a roaring lion looking for weak souls to deceive!




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