Bridal Themed Photoshoot

This was one of the significant days I had in my modelling experience. I got to meet more talented people in the industry. It was my first outdoor photoshoot and it was NERVE-RACKKKIIING! >.< My mom kept messaging me. She reminded me to keep my confidence, always feel sexy and beautiful inside and out. I think she knew how nervous I was.

Thankfully, everything went great. We had a very long day. We started with the make-up at around 10AM, moved to the shooting location which was at Victoria Theatre at around 2PM, and we finished at 7PM-ish.  We have done 2 looks for me and 2 looks for my co-model, Hajar.

His name Dan. I loved how he did the photoshoot. He has his own cool way of making the model more confident with the poses and projections. He is also very patient. His post-processing skills of the photo is remarkable. It’s not overly touched-up. Feel free to check out his awesome photos at Dahalan Sarlip.

She’s Fenty and I must say she tops in my list.  She really takes care of the details. She has her own unique ways of taking care of your skin and at the same time achieve great effects. It’s really impressive. You can see it yourself from her Youtube Channel: Suzelianah Fenty where does great make-up tutorials which I most of the time refer myself to.

Her name is Hajar. You can’t tell that she’s new in the industry because her projection skill is just amazing. She’s a very stylish person. I just love her fashion statement.

For collaborations, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to work with you. 🙂

(Video by: Suzelianah Fenty)



(Photo by: Dahalan Sarlip)

Author: Aby

Hey there! I'm Aby. I am a Filipino based in Singapore for 6 years now. Physically fit, hungry to learn and become better. As much as I would want to live a simple life, I just can’t help to urge myself to go out, grab opportunities, talk to people, travel as far and as wide as possible, sleep on the floor if I have to or find out how people live, eat and cook. I want to see the world and learn from wherever I go. I want to boost my self-confidence and become a story-teller from all the places and circumstances I’ve been through. I want to do whatever stuffs I love and gratify my restless roaming & artistic spirit.

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