FDC-SG’s Dance Number During Philippine Pres. Duterte’s Visit in Singapore

It was around Dec 2017 when Philippine President Duterte visited Singapore and had a special session with Filipino community. It was such a meaningful event where almost all Filipinos in Singapore gathered despite the busy schedule at work just to welcome him. The queue in the entrance was very long and the security was quite impressive (thanks to Singapore government!). There where performances before the President arrived and delivered his speech. There were singing, modern dancing, cultural dancing, martial arts and many more performances that thrilled the crowd. As usual, he is a tough talking president making us feel that we are in better hands and we are more inspired to cooperate with his plans in order to make our country a better place to live in. It will not be an easy endeavor for sure. But we got his back just as how he got ours.

As for us in FDC-SG, it was a great privilege to be one of the performers. It was a short notice but we really took time for the rehearsal after our work just to come up with a good dance number. Whenever we feel so exhausted coming from a work during the day plus an intense rehearsal during the night, we always remind ourselves that we are doing this for our Tatay Digong then we will be re-energized. ^_^