Not All Things Can Be Learned In Just a Snap of Your Finger

Not the usual well-executed dance routine video that I am posting. But I am sharing this as a reminder to everyone (including myself) that not all things can be learned in just a snap of your finger nor in just few attempts. Most things take time especially the worthy ones.

We all have our baby steps. If you want something, don’t give up too fast. Go work for it. Learn the basic. Be patient, give time¬†and put your heart to it. As what people would always say, you’ll reap what you sow.

And remember, struggle is strength! ūüôā

“Bayanihan” Spirit Uplifted In Singapore

It is another time of the year where the Filipino Community in Singapore gathered to show their unity through the third “Bayanihan Walk 2017”. The 3.88km fun walk with over 400 participants took off last Sunday, 21 May 2017, around Labrador Park. It started and ended at the Philippine Bayanihan Centre grounds, from 8AM.

The event was organized by the PHL Bayanihan Society in Singapore (PBSS) in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy and a number of sponsors. The walk was meant for the benefit of the PHL Bayanihan Centre to support its various activities such as skills training and social gathering for the Filipino community in Singapore. It was also supported by the Singapore and Indonesian community in honor of their friendly ties with Philippines. According to Ms. Min Lau (Chairwoman of the Bayanihan Walk 2017) in one of her interviews, the walk also aims to promote unity while nourishing a strong bond within the Filipino community and building better relationship to other communities. With that, the participants mightily indulged themselves  under the heat of the sun knowing that each step they take goes to support a great advocacy which is to promote positive values and also to encourage fellow OFW-SG to become role models for the Filipinos here in Singapore.


Unleash the Bayanihan Spirit! (Photo grabbed from Philippine Bayanihan Society РSingapore Facebook Page)


Nothing is more relaxing than a fun weekend walk while taking photos and chit-chatting (Photo grabbed from Philippine Bayanihan Society РSingapore Facebook Page)


One of the over 30 Filipino organizations and corporations that joined the walk. (Photo grabbed from Philippine Bayanihan Society РSingapore Facebook Page)


To raise funds, there was a minimal registration fee of S$25, and in return, everyone received free goodie bags. (Photo grabbed from Facebook posts of Ms. Elena Clemente)

There was a 4-hour program prepared by a group of Filipino volunteer committee for everyone to enjoy while drying their sweat and re-hydrating themselves from the long walk.  The program was inspired by Filipino fiesta tradition with all the cultural performances and raffle draws where the winners can bring home 3 PAL round trip tickets plus a money card from PNB.


Philippine Embassy Ambassador H.E Antonio Morales gladly shared in his welcome message that the number of participants this year has increased. He expressed his heartfelt appreciation and sincerely hopes for continuous support.


Philippine Embassy Ambassador H.E Antonio Morales in his welcome message

The performers were all volunteers who showcased their talents to add highlights to the event. Random Republika managed to have a quick chat to some of them while practicing backstage.

Ms. Cora from the “Royal Zumba” who has been living in Singapore for 18 years said¬†that ,“We decided to perform in the event to show our support and also¬†to promote fitness awareness to ¬†our fellow kababayans. With all the stressful¬†life at work, we need to remember to keep healthy.”


The Royal Zumba while practicing their dance at the backstage


A performer from another group “Kultura” named Mhlit who has been living in Singapore for 50 years also shared that,“This is something I have been doing since I was in grade school and I am very happy to share my time and talent to my fellow Filipinos. “


Kultura in Their Amusing Cultural Dance Number


Black Dames after their¬†World Classic Performance of Tribal Folk Cultural T’buli mixed Manzaka Maguindanao Dance


The Filipino Dance Club Singapore ready to hit the dance floor


The Filipino  Dance Club Singapore as they wowed the audience in their Cultural Mixed with Hip Hop Dance number


Ms. Petite Alumna, Ms. Siwi Rahayutami, after serenading the crowd with an Indonesian Ethnic Song  (Photo grabbed from Philippine Bayanihan Society РSingapore Facebook Page)


Another group of inspiring women, Miss Petite Dancers , who has been constant volunteers in numerous outreach programs organised by the Philippines Embassy  (Photo grabbed from Philippine Bayanihan Society РSingapore Facebook Page)

While some were enjoying watching the performances, others were also busy walking through all the exciting booths of the sponsors around the vicinity. M1, PNB, LBC, SSS, Smart World were few of the many sponsors.



The entire fiesta program was¬†spearheaded by Morpheus Hub Events & Productions’ talents. The program was led by the Dream Top Model (DTM) Season 3 Grand Winners, Paulo Canlas and Irayori Gonzales. Some of their fellow models volunteered to host and sing in the event. ¬†The team has indeed manifested an impressive unity to ensure the program runs smooth, fun, meaningful¬†and successful. As Paulo posted in his Instagram account,”Dream Top Model is not just about fashion shows and photoshoots. It is also about giving back to our OFW-SG kababayans.” He further highlighted in his interview with Random Republika during the event that,“Supporting such event is something that Morpheus has been actually doing for the past years. It is one of the charity component and we are more than happy to continue the tradition.”¬†


Morpheus  Stars, Karina Bacsain & Hansen Sy, in their hosting prowess


Morpheus Stars, Rachel Ann Passion & Ian De Guzman, while sharing the wonders of M1 mobile network


Morpheus Star, Vimer Montanez (Mr. Killer Smile), in his first singing performance on stage¬†with the song ¬†“On the Wings of Love”


Morpheus Star, Jessica Biasca, sharing her runway struts to fellow kababayans


Morpheus¬†Star, John Paul Ilagan (dubbed as the singing heartthrob), as he sing and groove with the song “Sugar”


Morpheus Stars, Paulo Canlas & Irayori Gonzales (DTM Season 3 Grand Winners), as they led the entire flow of the program


Morpheus’ DTM team (together with the author) are all smiles despite the exhaustion from entertaining the crowd and running in between to make sure the event¬†runs successfully

The event was ended with¬†a closing remarks by the Philippine Bayanihan Society Singapore President, Mr. Ranvir Kumar, thanking¬†all the volunteers, performers, partners, sponsors and participants. He also added that,“All the funds that has been raised¬†will surely¬†go to our activities here. It will go back to the people. Bayanihan center has been around for 16 years already. Many people have attended our courses. Everyone is welcome to take courses or conduct any courses here.”


Philippine Bayanihan Society Singapore President, Mr. Ranvir Kumar, in his closing remarks

Accidentally Walked up to a Guy Jerking Off In Singapore

I was on my way home¬†last night from our dance rehearsal. It was around 12AM¬†when I reached around our area in Bedok Reservoir. ¬†I was crossing via an overpass. When I started to make my way slowly up the bridge, I was taking a video of the way because I was planning to show to someone. As I went further up and turned around, I saw a guy standing few steps in front of me. His short was held down and he was jerking off.¬†Gosh! He looked at me in surprise but still continued on what he was doing. It seemed like he was at his peak already because his hand was moving very fast (errr). I was very shocked but I tried my best to keep calm and just kept walking slowly like I don’t care what he was up to. I quickly switched my hand as if I was looking at¬†my phone like I was just on a¬†video call with someone so he will be scared of approaching me.

When I passed by in front of him, my phone unfortunately switched off. I bet he figured that I was not actually on the phone with someone and maybe he was suspecting that I was just¬†taking a video of him. I started to walk faster away from him. After a few seconds, he started to hiss. I looked around but there’s no one else. He kept hissing as I heard footsteps from behind approaching me. The moment I heard a voice saying “heyyy!!!”, I started to run as fast as I could. As I was going down the bridge, I took a glance at the nearby places. There was nobody else to help me¬†even at the bus stops. I just kept running as fast as I could until I reached the playground below our flat.¬†I was panting, trying to catch my breathe. I looked around¬†and he was no longer following me. ¬†Luckily, I was in my rubber shoes. I can run really fast.

I thought I should not go home straight away because he might still be around and might figure where I live. But I was really very tired from work plus from our dance rehearsal so I just went up our flat and shared about it to my loved ones before I went to sleep. They were worried and were asking me to take extra safety measures. We¬†hope that was nothing so serious. I checked my phone hoping the video is there so I can have evidence if I’m gonna make a police report about the incident. But nope. I remembered¬†my phone died. >.<

The guy was maybe around his 30s. I don’t want to name a race because I am not really sure. But friends, be extra careful when you are out. This is very unlikely in Singapore. Anything can really happen at any time and any place.

A Tease of Death In The Middle of War

Last night, I fell asleep quite early, 10PM perhaps (yes, that’s pretty early for me!). I woke up at 2am and went to drink some water. Before I went back to sleep, I browsed my FB newsfeed to make myself sleepy again. As I scrolled down, I saw a post that the Philippines finally won against China in claiming the West Philippine Sea. Philippines was celebrating. But China can’t accept their defeat so they declared war. I scrolled further down and I saw in another post that China was preparing to send their troops.

Suddenly, I saw myself playing in a mountain field with a couple of friends. I looked up in the sky. I saw a bunch of fighter planes approaching and shooting other planes. I thought it was Philippines vs. China. I was very scared so I faster ran inside the house. The rest of my friends also faster went to hide but some got shot by stray bullets. Sadly, China defeated Philippines in the war. China landed their planes nearby my location and their soldiers disembarked. They raided all the houses for any alive civilians. I was trying my best not to make any noise and hid in a corner. But one soldier saw me and he shot me twice from behind. I fell down helplessly and saw my very own blood dripping on the floor as my eyes slowly closed. Out of intense fear, I didn’t managed to feel any pain. I just kept my eyes closed and pretended dead so he won’t keep shooting me. God! It was like the most dreadful moment in my life!


After few minutes, all the Chinese soldiers gathered in the house and they celebrated their victory. I still tried my best to pretend dead so they won’t notice me. But because the area was in a mountain and the floor was slanted, my body would slowly roll over like a toilet paper no matter how hard I tried to keep still. I was scared if they will see my body moving, they will start shooting me again until my last breath. Luckily, they never noticed until my body just reached in a corner. I carefully peeked and saw my blood still kept dripping. It was almost unbearable watching and tracing my own blood scattered on the floor. I was really going to die. I just closed my eyes praying for a longer peaceful life. I was thinking about my loved ones. No, I am not ready to die yet. Not this time. Not in such situation. When I opened my eyes, I was in my bed already. I woke up in great disbelief! Everything felt so real! But praise God is all just a dream!

It took quite a while for me to get back to sleep until I suddenly saw myself healing from the wounds I got from the gun shots. I was walking towards a village with some people gathering like they are celebrating or something. I looked around and I noticed that the area was mixed with Filipino and China people. I asked a fellow Filipino, “What is happening? The last time I remember, we were defeated. But how come every one suddenly looks so happy mingling with each other. He replied, ‚ÄúAh. Mga Tsino na maoy nag-rule nato karon. Pero mas maayo rapud diay. All the while, nagsige ra diay tag alibwag sa usa kabutang nga makahimo ra diay nato ug mas maayo nga nasod‚ÄĚ. Then I suddenly woke up feeling puzzled. Thankfully, it’s just another dream. A continuation from the first one¬† actually. Whew! Weird!

HMmmm..waking up the first time, drinking water, browsing my FB, seeing posts about the war, playing in the mountain fields and seeing fighter planes. I‚Äôm not really sure where my dream started. I always hate my inability to detect dreams. I could have taken the chance to do something better. Maybe talk to Chinese people and seek peace. Well, I don’t know how to speak in Chinese though. -.- Anyways, one thing is for sure, I don‚Äôt quite like the how it ended. It is very unlikely! I hope it‚Äôs just another non-sense dream and nothing else! ūüėĎūüėź

PS: This dream occurred last June 13, 2016 when the news about Spratly Island was a trend. I just thought that it should be good to keep it recorded here. ūüôā

Pleasant Birthday Surprises


I was just expecting a simple birthday celebration to mark my day. Not to brag, but I got a bunch of friends from all the organizations that I have gotten myself into – from modelling groups, dancing, workmates, housemates, and other friends. But I decided to just have a simple dinner with my housemates mainly because I don’t want to spend so much just for my birthday. I didn’t even bother to get a cake. A birthday will still be a birthday without a cake. Anyways, I think it is already up to the people around me if they think I deserve a good birthday. If not, then I will completely understand if I wasn’t being a good girl during the previous years of my life and will try to do better in the coming years ^_^. I am also really trying to save for something. Fortunately, our office building has great facilities like swimming pool, gym and tennis court. Tenants can enjoy using the facilities for free as long as we have the tenants card. I borrowed it from my management and had my birthday dinner with my housemates at the swimming pool.

Gladly, my day turned out to be extra special (like it always did the previous years). My sincere thanks to everyone for all the Birthday love. Thank you for putting up your genuine time, money and effort. It showered me priceless happiness!¬†Each single year has always been heart-moving. It’s more than enough to say that I’ve been a really good girl and will do my best to do even better (hopefully) ^_^

All the sweet gestures I received will surely be treasured for the rest of my life. If there are things that I am very grateful in my life right now, that is for having a bunch of thoughtful housemates, a sweet boyfriend, a supportive family, a generous boss and loving friends. ‚̧

Poison by Bell Biv Devoe (Dance Cover)

Hibernated for quite a while…now it feels so good to be back in FDC! ūüėć

Choreographed by: Ralph Pacayra of FDC-SG (Filipino Dance Club-Singapore))


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My Very First Animation

I always like to give extra special and unique gifts especially to people who are so dear to me. They just deserve it! And no matter how awful¬†my work is, I believe it’s the effort that counts (though I also every time do my very best to make it look presentable. heheh).

As for this one,¬†I was preparing for a birthday gift¬†and the birthday celebrant happens to be a special friend who is now my bf ^^(because the key to a man‚Äôs heart is not by feeding his tummy but by feeding his passion! heheh. No, I’m not trying to make an excuse. LOL. But I swear I’m gonna get to that cooking soon. Just give me more time…please..^^,). He is a 3D animation artist.¬† So, I was like, “Ohhhhkayyy….this is challenging! I wanna make an animation too! Like whatever it takes! ^_^”. Lol. Yeah, I am a quite and a shy type of person but I always like to challenge myself. I’ve been wanting to try animation too and that was a perfect chance. ¬†It was Dec last year (2016). As usual, I had a very limited time when I made it¬†(for some reasons, ideas likes these always pop in my head in a very last-minute so I always end up rushing). I made it a day before his birthday and based on my own understanding¬†on how animation¬†is supposed to be done (I mean no research, no tutorial or anything).¬†So please, I seek your understanding if my drawing looks so horrible¬†and if I did it in the wrong way. ¬†Furthermore, I am not really good especially in impromptu drawing. So feel free to contact me for corrections and improvements. I’d love to hear from you. ūüôā

Alright! Here you go! I think it’s just nice that it looks like a human (to me at least). Haha! Initially, I didn’t intend to come up with such output. I just knew that I wanted to do something unique and special so I just grabbed a paper and a pen, and let my imagination take my hand to whatever it wants to achieve until I completed this picture. In case it isn’t obvious, it is supposed to be a clumsy me¬†(clumsy as usual) excitedly delivering my gift.


How I did it:

  1. I used an ordinary pencil to draw at the back of a recycled white paper
  2. I used pink color highlighter for the gift so it wont look too dull
  3. I scanned the drawing to my PC
  4. I used Adobe Photoshop to crop each movement and added the path drawing then saved them .JPEG format separately
  5. I used the “Windows Move Maker” to combine all the photos accordingly
  6. I added a background music

And TadaaAaa! Here’s the short clip of my very first animation:

Indeed, animation is a super tedious job! Sadly, ¬†I don’t think ¬†I am willing to give more time to explore this abyss because I am not a patient person. I just made a super simple one but the struggle was super real! I am glad that I am able to pull through the emotions though (as per the celebrant’s comment^^). And nothing compares to the happiness that I felt upon knowing that I am able to make the character¬†walk, fall down and dance!!! ^__^

I hope you enjoyed it as much as me and the birthday celebrant did. Let me know if you made one too. I’ve to see and learn from your work too. ¬†‚̧