A Tease of Death In The Middle of War

Last night, I fell asleep quite early, 10PM perhaps (yes, that’s pretty early for me!). I woke up at 2am and went to drink some water. Before I went back to sleep, I browsed my FB newsfeed to make myself sleepy again. As I scrolled down, I saw a post that the Philippines finally won against China in claiming the West Philippine Sea. Philippines was celebrating. But China can’t accept their defeat so they declared war. I scrolled further down and I saw in another post that China was preparing to send their troops.

Suddenly, I saw myself playing in a mountain field with a couple of friends. I looked up in the sky. I saw a bunch of fighter planes approaching and shooting other planes. I thought it was Philippines vs. China. I was very scared so I faster ran inside the house. The rest of my friends also faster went to hide but some got shot by stray bullets. Sadly, China defeated Philippines in the war. China landed their planes nearby my location and their soldiers disembarked. They raided all the houses for any alive civilians. I was trying my best not to make any noise and hid in a corner. But one soldier saw me and he shot me twice from behind. I fell down helplessly and saw my very own blood dripping on the floor as my eyes slowly closed. Out of intense fear, I didn’t managed to feel any pain. I just kept my eyes closed and pretended dead so he won’t keep shooting me. God! It was like the most dreadful moment in my life!


After few minutes, all the Chinese soldiers gathered in the house and they celebrated their victory. I still tried my best to pretend dead so they won’t notice me. But because the area was in a mountain and the floor was slanted, my body would slowly roll over like a toilet paper no matter how hard I tried to keep still. I was scared if they will see my body moving, they will start shooting me again until my last breath. Luckily, they never noticed until my body just reached in a corner. I carefully peeked and saw my blood still kept dripping. It was almost unbearable watching and tracing my own blood scattered on the floor. I was really going to die. I just closed my eyes praying for a longer peaceful life. I was thinking about my loved ones. No, I am not ready to die yet. Not this time. Not in such situation. When I opened my eyes, I was in my bed already. I woke up in great disbelief! Everything felt so real! But praise God is all just a dream!

It took quite a while for me to get back to sleep until I suddenly saw myself healing from the wounds I got from the gun shots. I was walking towards a village with some people gathering like they are celebrating or something. I looked around and I noticed that the area was mixed with Filipino and China people. I asked a fellow Filipino, “What is happening? The last time I remember, we were defeated. But how come every one suddenly looks so happy mingling with each other. He replied, “Ah. Mga Tsino na maoy nag-rule nato karon. Pero mas maayo rapud diay. All the while, nagsige ra diay tag alibwag sa usa kabutang nga makahimo ra diay nato ug mas maayo nga nasod”. Then I suddenly woke up feeling puzzled. Thankfully, it’s just another dream. A continuation from the first one  actually. Whew! Weird!

HMmmm..waking up the first time, drinking water, browsing my FB, seeing posts about the war, playing in the mountain fields and seeing fighter planes. I’m not really sure where my dream started. I always hate my inability to detect dreams. I could have taken the chance to do something better. Maybe talk to Chinese people and seek peace. Well, I don’t know how to speak in Chinese though. -.- Anyways, one thing is for sure, I don’t quite like the how it ended. It is very unlikely! I hope it’s just another non-sense dream and nothing else! 😑😐

PS: This dream occurred last June 13, 2016 when the news about Spratly Island was a trend. I just thought that it should be good to keep it recorded here. 🙂

Author: Aby

Hey there! I'm Aby. I am a Filipino based in Singapore for 6 years now. Physically fit, hungry to learn and become better. As much as I would want to live a simple life, I just can’t help to urge myself to go out, grab opportunities, talk to people, travel as far and as wide as possible, sleep on the floor if I have to or find out how people live, eat and cook. I want to see the world and learn from wherever I go. I want to boost my self-confidence and become a story-teller from all the places and circumstances I’ve been through. I want to do whatever stuffs I love and gratify my restless roaming & artistic spirit.

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