“Bayanihan” Spirit Uplifted In Singapore

It is another time of the year where the Filipino Community in Singapore gathered to show their unity through the third “Bayanihan Walk 2017”. The 3.88km fun walk with over 400 participants took off last Sunday, 21 May 2017, around Labrador Park. It started and ended at the Philippine Bayanihan Centre grounds, from 8AM.

The event was organized by the PHL Bayanihan Society in Singapore (PBSS) in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy and a number of sponsors. The walk was meant for the benefit of the PHL Bayanihan Centre to support its various activities such as skills training and social gathering for the Filipino community in Singapore. It was also supported by the Singapore and Indonesian community in honor of their friendly ties with Philippines. According to Ms. Min Lau (Chairwoman of the Bayanihan Walk 2017) in one of her interviews, the walk also aims to promote unity while nourishing a strong bond within the Filipino community and building better relationship to other communities. With that, the participants mightily indulged themselves  under the heat of the sun knowing that each step they take goes to support a great advocacy which is to promote positive values and also to encourage fellow OFW-SG to become role models for the Filipinos here in Singapore.


Unleash the Bayanihan Spirit! (Photo grabbed from Philippine Bayanihan Society – Singapore Facebook Page)


Nothing is more relaxing than a fun weekend walk while taking photos and chit-chatting (Photo grabbed from Philippine Bayanihan Society – Singapore Facebook Page)


One of the over 30 Filipino organizations and corporations that joined the walk. (Photo grabbed from Philippine Bayanihan Society – Singapore Facebook Page)


To raise funds, there was a minimal registration fee of S$25, and in return, everyone received free goodie bags. (Photo grabbed from Facebook posts of Ms. Elena Clemente)

There was a 4-hour program prepared by a group of Filipino volunteer committee for everyone to enjoy while drying their sweat and re-hydrating themselves from the long walk.  The program was inspired by Filipino fiesta tradition with all the cultural performances and raffle draws where the winners can bring home 3 PAL round trip tickets plus a money card from PNB.


Philippine Embassy Ambassador H.E Antonio Morales gladly shared in his welcome message that the number of participants this year has increased. He expressed his heartfelt appreciation and sincerely hopes for continuous support.


Philippine Embassy Ambassador H.E Antonio Morales in his welcome message

The performers were all volunteers who showcased their talents to add highlights to the event. Random Republika managed to have a quick chat to some of them while practicing backstage.

Ms. Cora from the “Royal Zumba” who has been living in Singapore for 18 years said that ,“We decided to perform in the event to show our support and also to promote fitness awareness to  our fellow kababayans. With all the stressful life at work, we need to remember to keep healthy.”


The Royal Zumba while practicing their dance at the backstage


A performer from another group “Kultura” named Mhlit who has been living in Singapore for 50 years also shared that,“This is something I have been doing since I was in grade school and I am very happy to share my time and talent to my fellow Filipinos. “


Kultura in Their Amusing Cultural Dance Number


Black Dames after their World Classic Performance of Tribal Folk Cultural T’buli mixed Manzaka Maguindanao Dance


The Filipino Dance Club Singapore ready to hit the dance floor


The Filipino  Dance Club Singapore as they wowed the audience in their Cultural Mixed with Hip Hop Dance number


Ms. Petite Alumna, Ms. Siwi Rahayutami, after serenading the crowd with an Indonesian Ethnic Song  (Photo grabbed from Philippine Bayanihan Society – Singapore Facebook Page)


Another group of inspiring women, Miss Petite Dancers , who has been constant volunteers in numerous outreach programs organised by the Philippines Embassy  (Photo grabbed from Philippine Bayanihan Society – Singapore Facebook Page)

While some were enjoying watching the performances, others were also busy walking through all the exciting booths of the sponsors around the vicinity. M1, PNB, LBC, SSS, Smart World were few of the many sponsors.



The entire fiesta program was spearheaded by Morpheus Hub Events & Productions’ talents. The program was led by the Dream Top Model (DTM) Season 3 Grand Winners, Paulo Canlas and Irayori Gonzales. Some of their fellow models volunteered to host and sing in the event.  The team has indeed manifested an impressive unity to ensure the program runs smooth, fun, meaningful and successful. As Paulo posted in his Instagram account,”Dream Top Model is not just about fashion shows and photoshoots. It is also about giving back to our OFW-SG kababayans.” He further highlighted in his interview with Random Republika during the event that,“Supporting such event is something that Morpheus has been actually doing for the past years. It is one of the charity component and we are more than happy to continue the tradition.” 


Morpheus  Stars, Karina Bacsain & Hansen Sy, in their hosting prowess


Morpheus Stars, Rachel Ann Passion & Ian De Guzman, while sharing the wonders of M1 mobile network


Morpheus Star, Vimer Montanez (Mr. Killer Smile), in his first singing performance on stage with the song  “On the Wings of Love”


Morpheus Star, Jessica Biasca, sharing her runway struts to fellow kababayans


Morpheus Star, John Paul Ilagan (dubbed as the singing heartthrob), as he sing and groove with the song “Sugar”


Morpheus Stars, Paulo Canlas & Irayori Gonzales (DTM Season 3 Grand Winners), as they led the entire flow of the program


Morpheus’ DTM team (together with the author) are all smiles despite the exhaustion from entertaining the crowd and running in between to make sure the event runs successfully

The event was ended with a closing remarks by the Philippine Bayanihan Society Singapore President, Mr. Ranvir Kumar, thanking all the volunteers, performers, partners, sponsors and participants. He also added that,“All the funds that has been raised will surely go to our activities here. It will go back to the people. Bayanihan center has been around for 16 years already. Many people have attended our courses. Everyone is welcome to take courses or conduct any courses here.”


Philippine Bayanihan Society Singapore President, Mr. Ranvir Kumar, in his closing remarks

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