A ‘Perfect’ Valentines Gift ft. Vimer Montañez



Valentines is always a special occasion for me – whether I am Single or in a relationship. Although it is true that every day is a hearts day, my teachers during grade school has successfully inculcated in my head the importance of making the people around me feel special on Valentine’s day – from my teachers, to classmates, family, friends, relatives and everyone else. And since I love art crafts, I always use it to express love. I am not fun of buying fancy stuff from the shop to give as a gift – for any special occasions. I always love making them on my own and sprinkle some personal touch.

Now that Valentines day is almost upon us, we have prepared something special for the 7, 825 (an counting) visitors in my 9-month-old blog.

I sincerely thank you for your support even if I am new and still trying to get around.  So, we have made a simple music video to brighten up my reader’s hearts this Valentines day. But first things first: Before you continue scrolling down, please don’t expect too much. While the casts in this video were all great, I am just worried about the fact that don’t have a professional camera nor professional skills to create an awesome music video for you guys.  But then again, I always like to challenge myself and this is one of the things I would like to push myself beyond my limits. Rest assured, this music video is made by our passionate hearts. And don’t worry! I know I have a bad voice so I am not the one singing. Singing is one of my biggest frustrations especially when people from other nationalities tell me,” you are the only Filipino who cannot sing”. Well, although I know I am not the only one but I am still quite unfortunate to be one of the few. -.-


I have tapped a very good friend of mine to serenade you guys with the most requested love songs by Ed Sheeran, ‘Perfect’.  I am very glad that he said ‘yes’ to this invitation because it’s a perfect way to refuel his passion in singing.

             Photo by: Mhar Villaester Studio

He is Vimer Montañez. I met him from the Model search that I have joined in Singapore last 2017 – Dream Top Model Season 3. He was the big winner of the most ‘Captivating Smile’ award. It paved way for him to rise to prominence even until now as one of the handsome faces in OFW-SG community. This was also thanks to his supportive friend-photographer Mhar Anthony Villaester, as his handler and where he also had his back-to-back photoshoots last year that resulted to a great hit for Morpheus’ clients and kababayan supporters.

Aside from modelling, the Filipino community in Singapore also discovered his singing prowess. His first performance was through the 1st Charity Activity of Dream Top Model last 23 December 2016 at Bahay ni Ate, an event under the Philippine Embassy Singapore. The success of his first singing stint has brought attention to his second appearance at Bayanihan Walk 2017 last May 2017 and it was where I learned about his passion in Singing. I was covering for a blog back then. Right there, I knew that he is the perfect person to work with in making my Dream Music Video come alive. Well, for me, as the producer/director/cameraman  perhaps. 😀

Enjoy our ‘Perfect‘ Valentines gift for you. Our dream music video made by our passionate hearts! Special thanks to Princes Catherine Reña for her special appearance in this video.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran – Vimer Montañez Cover ft. Princess Reña

Produced/Directed by: Aby

Sound Editing by: Allen Vincent Santiago

Let’s get to know more about Vimer. I did a quick interview with him especially in raiding his passion. Here’s a quick share for you:

  1. Where did you grew up? Biñan, Laguna
  2. When and why did you started singing? When I joined the choir during my High Schools days
  3. Do you play any musical instruments? No
  4. Which instruments do you want to learn? Piano
  5. What was the first song you liked singing to? Later by Fra Lippo Lippi
  6. How often do you sing? Almost everyday in the shower.
  7. Is your family musical? Nope
  8. Were you influenced by old records? Which ones? Yes, casette tapes
  9. Who are your favorite musicians? Neyo, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith
  10. If I was to turn on your play list right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list? Mostly are praise & worship songs, Neyo, Bruno Mars, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran songs
  11. Have you performed in public? At the church as a choir and once in an event
  12. My mission is to encourage individuals to go beyond their limit. Thank you for saying yes in swooping down for your passion. You turned out really great. Too good for a first-timer! How do you feel about your first music video? I’m really happy with the outcome. It’s dream come true for me to have my own music video.
  13. What have you discovered more about yourself from the experience? I discovered that I can act (a bit). 😀
  14. Are you Single? Yes
  15. Are you seeing someone now? No
  16. If there is any song that would tell about your love life now, what would it be? Love yourself. 😀
  17. Do you also write songs? Yes.
  18. Is it a love song? Are we going to hear about compositions soon? Yes, it’s a love song. A love song for the Lord. We are still working on it but I’m excited to share it soon.I hope you enjoyed this article! Thanks for reading and have a lovely Valentines day everyone! Spread love! 🙂 ❤