I am a true-bloom Cebuana visual artist! I am based in the Philippines. I’ve enjoyed drawing and painting since I was 3 up through high school. In my late teens I fell off and lost myself until 3 years ago. I got back into painting art and have always found it healing. I’ve never really had a style, my painting come from the heart and is an extension of my soul. Please feel free to look through my gallery. If you have any questions or would like to have a personal piece created for you, please email me. I appreciate your time, thank you for visiting.

You may just see yourself as a tiny drop of water or you may just see the world as a bare dreary place of nothingness. But there is more beyond what we see to others or even to yourself. You will never know it until you unleash yourself into the abyss.

You, immersed into the abyss can make a difference and change the world to a better place!