INTO THE ABYS (ITA) is a digital journal that descends beyond the abyss of this life’s seemingly bottomless chasm.  It excavates fascinating tales from beyond to bring to the world and inspire – from things, to people, to places and everything else enthralling! It is a where great stories are uncovered & told. Yes, there is more beyond what we see. It is by going beyond that we discover more about life. (:

The Logo

You may just see yourself as a tiny drop of water or you may just see the world as a bare dreary place of nothingness. But there is more beyond what we see to others or even to yourself. You will never know it until you unleash yourself into the abyss.

You immersed into the abyss can make a difference and change the world to a better place!

Are you up to be an ‘Abys Raider’?

ITA T-shirt

Well, you better be! There are a lot of exciting things coming up soon.

ITA will also leave a mark to all the places and people it will feature. A sign that you have made a significant step in making the world a better place to live in.

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