Sponge Cola Live in Singapore

Sponge Cola is one of the most popular rock bands in the Philippines. The group was formed on 1998 with the members composed of Yael Yuzon (vocals), Gosh Dilay (bass), Erwin Armovit (guitars) and Tmac Cruz (drummer).

They had their first live concert in Singapore on 2009. And their second concert was just last Sunday, 19 June 2017 at the Bigbox (Jurong) where they kicked off their latest release ‘SinagTala’. It is said to be one of the top albums featured in iTunes. The concert gate opened at 5pm and the opening band was the Dead Macoys.


The opening band – DEAD MACOYS

I was a big fan of Sponge Cola and other Filipino artists since I was in High School until College. Sadly, I eventually got disconnected from Philippine music when I left for work in Singapore which was five years ago and it really felt so great to get re-connected last night. They played some of my favorite songs like ‘Tuliro’, ‘Nakapagtataka’, ‘Jeepney’ and ‘Bitiw’ to name a few. Everyone sang with their songs and got their heads banging. I am pretty sure most of the audiences from yesterday are having throat problems right now. But it was surely worth it! 😀



I loved the stage set up and I was drawn by Yael’s (Sponge Cola’s vocalist) wittiness on stage. He constantly interacted with the audience even to the ones watching from their homes. There were some audiences who were video calling their loved ones and faced their phones to the stage so they can watch too. It was really meaningful to personally witness how Filipino artists are soaring internationally, making our fellow Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) drive their home sickness away.



Sponge Cola did the concert in a uniquely fun way where they requested the audience to participate in filming for a music video and everyone should be very lively and shouting for more. Indeed, everyone excitedly cooperated too well that even after Sponge Cola’s supposedly last song and was preparing to exit, the crowd were still cheering for more.


Sponge Cola about to take their exit after their supposedly last song.

They were moved with the audiences cheers that they returned to the stage and put back their music gears on for one more song as a thank you for the overwhelming response. Below is the video. Anyone knows the title?

Anyway, enjoy!!! 😉

Oh! By the way, this was honestly the first live concert that I have ever attended. I won free tickets (for two, worth $55 per ticket) so I tagged my cousin along! Special Thanks to Paolo Avis of Random Republika for the awesome Sponge Cola experience!


From the left most: Jaypee & Paolo Avis of Random Republika and my cousin, Marie.