Open When Letters: A Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

Few months back, my man has to be away for a while (until now -.-). It is quite sad. There are really some things in life that goes beyond our control. We just have to accept it, be patient and strong. Anyways, he was going through difficult times back then. Three days before he had to go I knew I wanted to give him something but I just couldn’t figure what it is. If you have followed my previous blogs about giving presents, I am not that type of person who just simply buy stuff outside. I love making them on my own and sprinkle some personal touch.  So, I searched online and ended up making him some “OPEN WHEN LETTERS”. I know I can’t fix all his problems (sometimes I can make them even worse for being such a drama queen. wOoopss! #girlmoodswings) But at least I hope it may somehow help us while we are apart or especially when he is  feeling down.

Open When Letters are some letters or packages that you give to someone important to you (like your man/girl, a family member, a close friend…) Each letter is supposed to be opened on a very specific occasion. It reminds me of the book PS : I love you, in which the female protagonist has to open each month a letter written by her beloved husband who just died. These letters helped her to overcome her loss and become stronger. They were so full of love and showed how much her husband knew her. I really loved the idea (and the book, you must read it if you haven’t !).

Anyways, I learned about this idea from Pinterest (there are really a lot of amazing stuff from there). I added some exciting twists on it. If you check online, you can mostly find just about 10 example letters. For me, I got 26! ^_^ I hope it is enough to cover while we are away. In every letters, I left a space for him behind in case he feels like writing back (in response). I’d love to read them when I finally get to see him again. I also got someone to keep my letters secured. Who? Keep reading.. 😉


Here are the 26 letters I made:


I am sorry. The photo above is not that clear so I have listed them out for you:

  1. Open when….. you first received these letters
    • It’s about why I am giving him the letters and the rules. Yes! There are rules! Here you go:
  2. Open when….. you are sad
  3. Open when….. you are happy
  4. Open when….. you are super tired
  5. Open when….. you need a good laugh
  6. Open when….. you need a hug
  7. Open when…. I am being grumpy
  8. Open when…. you are sick
  9. Open when…. you are bored
  10. Open when…. you are stressed
  11. Open when…. every 18th of the month
  12. Open when…. you are worried about the future
  13. Open when…. you don’t feel attractive
  14. Open when…. you need a reminder of how much I love you
  15. Open when…. you miss me and our dates
  16. Open when…. you need a cuddle
  17.  Open when…. you can’t sleep
  18. Open when….. you need a motivation
  19. Open when….. you are mad at me
  20. Open when….. you are mad (but not at me)
  21. Open when….. you are having a bad day
  22. Open when….. you are crying
  23. Open when…. we are having a fight / misunderstanding
  24. Open when…. you are jealous
  25. Open when….. you are in love with someone else
  26. Open when…. you want to break-up

They are just ordinary envelopes which are made out of recycled papers. I cut them according to my desired size (considering the size of my box of course). I drew some cutie stuff on it to make it more colorful, more interesting and more exciting to open. Inside are a bunch of our sweet and crazy photos, some cute clip arts, mind games, short stories, my favorites quotations and my personal messages according to each topic in the letter. If you want to make your own and you need help on what to put inside, feel free to let me know. I’d be happy can help! (:

Below are some of the photos of the letters that he have already opened and shared with me. He had already written some stuffs behind too which is only meant for me to read so I blurred them off. Opps! Sorry! ^_^



ed 2




So here’s the one whom I have entrusted my letters to. Her name is Yana! 😀

I wanted my letters to be handy, safe, secured and creative as much as possible so I bought a box from Daiso (Yep, it’s for S$ 2. 00!). And since I love digital painting, I painted a face of a girl and pasted it on the cover of the box (glad the colors were nicely matched!). I named her Yana which stands for You Are Never Alone”. Whenever he feels emotional at some point, Yana is a reminder that in every up & down moments that he encounters, he is never alone. He got me….inside Yana! 😀

The Box.jpg

Some people would say that we put too much effort in a relationship that will not last long (and all those negative vibes). For me, I don’t really care. I am aware of the consequences and I am happy I did it especially he’s been through a lot recently. And in general, I do things in my own decision. Just never be afraid to take steps in showing your love especially when they’ve been always there for you. Savior every opportunity while it’s still there and while you still can.

I hope you enjoyed this article and gave you an idea on how to do yours for your loved ones – boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, brothers, sisters, parents, best friends and all! Cheers! 🙂