My Very First Animation

I always like to give extra special and unique gifts especially to people who are so dear to me. They just deserve it! And no matter how awful my work is, I believe it’s the effort that counts (though I also every time do my very best to make it look presentable. heheh).

As for this one, I was preparing for a birthday gift and the birthday celebrant happens to be a special friend who is now my bf ^^(because the key to a man’s heart is not by feeding his tummy but by feeding his passion! heheh. No, I’m not trying to make an excuse. LOL. But I swear I’m gonna get to that cooking soon. Just give me more time…please..^^,). He is a 3D animation artist.  So, I was like, “Ohhhhkayyy….this is challenging! I wanna make an animation too! Like whatever it takes! ^_^”. Lol. Yeah, I am a quite and a shy type of person but I always like to challenge myself. I’ve been wanting to try animation too and that was a perfect chance.  It was Dec last year (2016). As usual, I had a very limited time when I made it (for some reasons, ideas likes these always pop in my head in a very last-minute so I always end up rushing). I made it a day before his birthday and based on my own understanding on how animation is supposed to be done (I mean no research, no tutorial or anything). So please, I seek your understanding if my drawing looks so horrible and if I did it in the wrong way.  Furthermore, I am not really good especially in impromptu drawing. So feel free to contact me for corrections and improvements. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Alright! Here you go! I think it’s just nice that it looks like a human (to me at least). Haha! Initially, I didn’t intend to come up with such output. I just knew that I wanted to do something unique and special so I just grabbed a paper and a pen, and let my imagination take my hand to whatever it wants to achieve until I completed this picture. In case it isn’t obvious, it is supposed to be a clumsy me (clumsy as usual) excitedly delivering my gift.


How I did it:

  1. I used an ordinary pencil to draw at the back of a recycled white paper
  2. I used pink color highlighter for the gift so it wont look too dull
  3. I scanned the drawing to my PC
  4. I used Adobe Photoshop to crop each movement and added the path drawing then saved them .JPEG format separately
  5. I used the “Windows Move Maker” to combine all the photos accordingly
  6. I added a background music

And TadaaAaa! Here’s the short clip of my very first animation:

Indeed, animation is a super tedious job! Sadly,  I don’t think  I am willing to give more time to explore this abyss because I am not a patient person. I just made a super simple one but the struggle was super real! I am glad that I am able to pull through the emotions though (as per the celebrant’s comment^^). And nothing compares to the happiness that I felt upon knowing that I am able to make the character walk, fall down and dance!!! ^__^

I hope you enjoyed it as much as me and the birthday celebrant did. Let me know if you made one too. I’ve to see and learn from your work too.  ❤