Not All Things Can Be Learned In Just a Snap of Your Finger

Not the usual well-executed dance routine video that I am posting. But I am sharing this as a reminder to everyone (including myself) that not all things can be learned in just a snap of your finger nor in just few attempts. Most things take time especially the worthy ones.

We all have our baby steps. If you want something, don’t give up too fast. Go work for it. Learn the basic. Be patient, give time and put your heart to it. As what people would always say, you’ll reap what you sow.

And remember, struggle is strength! 🙂

Poison by Bell Biv Devoe (Dance Cover)

Hibernated for quite a while…now it feels so good to be back in FDC! 😍

Choreographed by: Ralph Pacayra of FDC-SG (Filipino Dance Club-Singapore))


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