Curated Secrets: What It Means To Be With You


I still remember everything so clearly in my head that very first night we met. You were very reserved and I am always that chatty, annoying brat. I am a woman with unclear life goals. I wanted to do so many things that I tend to change major life plans for like every five months. But unlike everyone else, you made me feel better about myself. You helped me see good in every bad of me. My mind just can’t help going back to the lovely things you said that night and the way it felt so right with you. You just have this amazing way of turning simple sentences into the most beautiful poetry a woman could ever hear.


Yet, as you carefully utter your words and as I hung unto them, I can’t help to notice the type of person you are. You are a brilliant self-made entrepreneur. Job comes first in all your situations. You have exceptional skills and excels in almost anything you set your sights on. Pretty impressive!

But above all, I chose to hang unto you mainly because like me, you also have your “dark side”. You harbor a painful secret about your very difficult start in life. Right then, I knew you were a perfect grave where I can bury my deepest secrets with. We share deep thoughts and I hoped that we may find balance between our need of mere companionship and hide the wounds from our pasts. And maybe, just maybe, we can find something more from each other. Yes, more than just a mere companionship.

But as months passed by, our conversations got shorter until almost nothing. I don’t know how it happened. The days just went by and the conversations we used to have about everything became one way street, between me and your one-word responses. The wave of “deadness” that submerged into our unlabeled relationship after the first thrilling months have caused me to lose hope. I tried to tell you but just when I started, you turned your back and walked away like you don’t give a damn.

Days got worse that there were no longer holding hands situation other than just walking me out of the bar and leading me upstairs to your studio. Yes, you called me ‘baby’ at 4AM but i know you no longer mean it. The way you held my face or ran your fingers through my hair and wrap your arms around me just became so meaningless.

Now I am confused. Are you just busy? or did I do something wrong? I don’t really know. There are so many possibilities but there are only few questions wandering in my head. Why did you tell me all those things that night? Why did you made me feel so special? Why did you said all those things you knew would lure me into you? Why did you made me so vulnerable and then feel like nothing? Why are you now leaving me hanging onto something instead of just telling me straight in the eye?

CL19 (1)

A part of me, just a tiny part of me, is a little saddened by this. I wish I could ask you all these. But a bigger part of me knows better. A bigger part of me knows not to dwell on the pain. A bigger part of me is just too empty to care. In the very first place, there was never an us. I knew that I will never be that girl you will fall in love with. I knew that you are just too successful to settle with such an incompetent woman like me. Yes, I knew all that. Yet, I allowed myself to be trapped spontaneously to this dreadful emotion. I allowed myself to give us a chance. But I hoped for too much and now I messed up. Now, I messed my heart, again.

But then, don’t be too confident that you know me well enough. I may be very submissive and very open to you from the start, but I have been keeping some for myself. I have been through hell in life not to learn to save some strength. Yes! I maybe be struggling for now but I can’t wait for that day when I am finally done persuading myself to hold on to you; that day when I can finally learn to tell you that what it means to be with you now is no longer that typical butterfly-inducing kind of feeling.

And most of all, I can’t wait for that day when I can finally tell you one of the greatest curated secrets from you —- that I am not stupid. I maybe confused with my life plans for now because I have too many great plans. But no, I am not stupid. One day, I will be able to figure out what’s best for me and find my worth because I know I am so much more than the worth you gave me. And when I do, you will regret that you chose not to care and broke me down instead. When I do, I will make sure that the only thing you can do is fill your heart with sorrow and watch me soar because I have grown so much stronger  and I WILL NEVER EVER BE COMING BACK TO YOU.



THEME: CURATED SECRETS – is a come back photo portfolio of Archetype Images by Mhar Villaester  that depicts the curated secrets of a vulnerable heart in modern dating.
MODELS: Aby Nable and Ian De Guzman
Make-Up Artist: Angel Trajano Albino
LOCATION: Oakwood Studios Singapore – A Best Kept Secret Luxurious Serviced Apartment in Town that Pampers and Indulges the Millennial Mindset

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The 10th Singapore Night Festival (SNF)

Did you missed the Singapore Night Festival (SNF) 2017?

I honestly did not enjoyed much at the festival because I had to leave earlier. I really can’t write much in here (sigh!). Anyways, my awesome housemates were able to take great videos and I’m excited to share it with you too! yay! 😉

The Singapore Night Festival (SNF) is an annual street festival held over two weekends celebrating the arts and Singapore’s rich cultural heritage. Catch-up here & see how this year’s SNF transformed the Bras Basah/Bugis heritage precinct into a decade midsummer’s celebration of Singapore heritage, arts and culture with light installations and performances..  

Video by: ChellyConCarni 

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Gardens at 5

One of Singapore’s famous tourist spot, Gardens By The Bay, turned 5 last 3rd of June 2017. There were host of festivities in celebration of its fifth year, including a dazzling evening show, Gardens Extravaganza Special, taking place in the centre of the Supertree Grove.

There was a 30-minute evening showcase which happened only on 3 and 4 June. As expected, it attracted a crowd of people especially it was on a weekend.


Visitors enjoyed watching dancers and aerial performers perform against a dramatic backdrop of projection mapping on the towering Super trees, portraying the Gardens’ growth from the seed of an idea to the renowned attraction it is today,

Video by: Justin Seah

After the show at the Super tree, there was also the largest drone display in Singapore put up by a bunch of drones moving in sync to create spectacular formations against the night sky.

Video by: Muralee Dharan

Discovered A Gem From A Trial Shoot

Whenever there is an opportunity to invite, I’d always grab the chance. It always feels great to share. Furthermore, I always feel that there’s actually more potential individuals out there but they just don’t get much opportunity. Some of them are my friends and one of them is named Princess. 🙂

Princess, 28 and a true-bloom Filipino, is a friend I first met from our dance group – The Filipino Dance-Club Singapore. She is not as active in dancing as I am because her work schedule is quite tight. She is working as a Pharmacist in Singapore. Recently, I invited her for a TFCD photo-shoot and I am very glad that she made time despite her tedious schedule at work. It was a very last minute call from the photographer and we did not have much time to prepare our clothes, make-up and everything.  But everyone was on the go and managed to catch up. I was supposed to do 3 looks but since Princess was on joining, we agreed that I will just do 2 and Princess will do 1 look for a start. But while we were in the midst of the shoot, she was doing really great so I suggested that she should do 2 looks and I’m fine with 1.

The photographer was quite surprised because she seemed like a Pro from her facial projections to how she had to position her body and everything else. She is too good for a first timer. She then humbly shared that,“I have a modelling experience in Philippines 5 years ago. It has always been my dream to become a well-known model someday and I am really happy for this opportunity. This will allow me to bring back & unleash the inner model in me. This is also a great way to uplift my spirit from the thought of having to work and live away from my loved ones plus all the stressful environment at work.”



A classy natural beauty

Princess is very flexible in a way that she will really do no matter how challenging the poses that the photographer suggests her to do. According to her,“I need to cooperate well or even improvise some ideas because all we want is to come up with a great photo.”

We were starving during the shoot because we didn’t manage to grab dinner as we had to catch up with the booked schedule of the studio right after work and we needed to get everything done within 2 hours only. It was really quite exhausting. Princess also lost her way going to my place. But gladly, we managed to pull it off and came up with great photos. Two thumbs up to the photographer, Din, for a job well done (as always)!


Flaunting Curves


Extraordinary Chicness

The shoot was few weeks ago and I’ve been really wanting to write about her in my blog. As she shared her lovely photos on her Facebook account, her friends and family were very happy for her. Well, they have a reason to be proud. Princess is a one gorgeous, strong yet humble woman. She has taken such inspiring step for daring to go beyond her limits and grabbing the opportunity despite the constraints. It was a great privilege to be able to discover the other side of her other than dancing. She could be a perfect contender for the next Dream Top Model Season 4.

Indeed, she got it all to be a certified ‘Abys Raider’. Her story deserves to go ‘Into The Abys’ and come out to the world to inspire! It is never too late to chase for your dreams. I cant wait to see more of you, Princess! 🙂

Below are more photos  from the shoot. Enjoy!


Models: Aby & Princess
Make-Up by: Aby
Styled by: Aby
Photographer: Din



We did the shoot at the Pixel Photography Studio. I must say it is not that big. According to the photographer, he was having hard time to find perfect angles because the space was limited. He cannot move and play around. But overall, the place was GREAT! The staff was also very welcoming and friendly. They have almost all the things ready including the make-up area with all the make-up tools, accessories, hair blower, costumes, props  and everything else. We played our own choice of music while doing the shoot. It was very energizing. The place was quite cozy. You can make yourself comfortable on their some sort of ‘lounge area’ watching TV while waiting for your turn to shoot. I love most is the relaxing ambiance coming from the artistic layout in every corner of the place.

Feel free to check Pixel Photography Studio‘s facebook page. It could be a perfect place for your next photoshoot!


With the Photographer, Din

UNVEILED! Marina Bay Sands’ New Water & Light Show, SPECTRA!

So, the Marina Bay Sands’ water & light show has been under renovation for a couple of months and I was one of those people who has been checking when it is going to re-open. I heard that they are working for a new show and I was really excited about it. I came to Singapore on 2012 and the show has always been the same. But it is still one of the my favorite place to hang out and I do not mind going alone even for the hundredth time. I also always recommend it to my friends who are visiting in Singapore especially it is a free-to-public outdoor light & water show displayed over the water at the Event Plaza along the promenade.

The new permanent light and water show is named ‘Spectra’. It was unveiled last night, 2 June 2017, at 8pm to steer a new era of entertainment. As expected, the 15-minute show is really mesmerizing with its dancing water fountains, colorful visual arts, inspiring orchestral soundtrack and special lighting effects.  I was not really able to focus much on the show because I was busy taking photos and videos around.  I will come again for that. It is said that it reflects Singapore’s journey as a multicultural society into the cosmopolitan city she is today, with each of the 4 acts seamlessly flowing into the next.

Below is a sneak peek on some parts of the different acts. Unfortunately, I have not taken a full video of the show because my phone memory suddenly  got full 😦

(Opens 2 June)
Sunday – Thursday – 8pm & 9pm
Friday & Saturday – 8pm, 9pm and 10pm

Now that it just re-opened and if you are planning to catch the show, you have to expect a flock of people. It would be better if you can come earlier before the show time and save yourself a good spot.


Audiences enjoying taking photos and video on the show

Along with the Spectra’s opening was also a public launch of the second installment of Open Stage. It is said to be another initiative by Marina Bay Sands to nurture up-and-coming local music acts. There will be free quarterly concert series that will feature brightest talents in music from Singapore and the Southeast Asian region.


Public launch of the “Open Stage”

Both events, which will take place at the Event Plaza, with Open Stage starting at 7:15pm, followed by the light at water show at 8.00pm.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Bring your family and friends and be enthralled in the visually stunning world of ‘Spectra’ with the ‘Open Stage’ music indulgence! (:

Accidentally Walked up to a Guy Jerking Off In Singapore

I was on my way home last night from our dance rehearsal. It was around 12AM when I reached around our area in Bedok Reservoir.  I was crossing via an overpass. When I started to make my way slowly up the bridge, I was taking a video of the way because I was planning to show to someone. As I went further up and turned around, I saw a guy standing few steps in front of me. His short was held down and he was jerking off. Gosh! He looked at me in surprise but still continued on what he was doing. It seemed like he was at his peak already because his hand was moving very fast (errr). I was very shocked but I tried my best to keep calm and just kept walking slowly like I don’t care what he was up to. I quickly switched my hand as if I was looking at my phone like I was just on a video call with someone so he will be scared of approaching me.

When I passed by in front of him, my phone unfortunately switched off. I bet he figured that I was not actually on the phone with someone and maybe he was suspecting that I was just taking a video of him. I started to walk faster away from him. After a few seconds, he started to hiss. I looked around but there’s no one else. He kept hissing as I heard footsteps from behind approaching me. The moment I heard a voice saying “heyyy!!!”, I started to run as fast as I could. As I was going down the bridge, I took a glance at the nearby places. There was nobody else to help me even at the bus stops. I just kept running as fast as I could until I reached the playground below our flat. I was panting, trying to catch my breathe. I looked around and he was no longer following me.  Luckily, I was in my rubber shoes. I can run really fast.

I thought I should not go home straight away because he might still be around and might figure where I live. But I was really very tired from work plus from our dance rehearsal so I just went up our flat and shared about it to my loved ones before I went to sleep. They were worried and were asking me to take extra safety measures. We hope that was nothing so serious. I checked my phone hoping the video is there so I can have evidence if I’m gonna make a police report about the incident. But nope. I remembered my phone died. >.<

The guy was maybe around his 30s. I don’t want to name a race because I am not really sure. But friends, be extra careful when you are out. This is very unlikely in Singapore. Anything can really happen at any time and any place.