A Sunset or A Sunrise?


Are you a team Sunset or Sunrise?

This is the story behind my Sunset/Sunrise painting:

I did this few years ago. It was midnight on a weekend and I was supposed to make revisions on an Artwork for my Client’s uniform. I am working as Sales in a Uniforms Manufacturing company here in Singapore.

I was half-way done until I just suddenly felt like I wanted to stop and do something else. What was it? I also didn’t know at first. I just started scratching the ‘paint brush’ on the ‘canvas’ randomly, changing colors & forming shapes. I just went on until my fingers led me to a beautiful landscape. From there, more details started popping in my head making me more excited to add more details. .

I was just using Paint in my laptop at first then I moved to Adobe photoshop when I felt the itch to add dramatic effects.

The last photo above was the last progress I made where I realized I needed to stop because it was getting very late and I had to sleep.

The following day, I re-visited it and I knew something else can be done. I tried to emphasize the details. This is the beauty of digital painting. You get the chance to play around. It allows easier and faster modification. 


Each glimpse of a beautiful sunrise will always be rewarding. Yes, It’s a sunrise .:)

So, why Sunrise and not Sunset?

As I shared the story, it was not really my intention to paint either a sunrise or a sunset. It was just a product of my supposedly ‘freestyle’ painting. When I looked at it, I started asking myself, “Did I just painted a sunset or a sunrise? Hhmmm..Wait! Is there even a difference between the two? I checked online and yes, there is! If we share the same question and you wish to find out, check this out: Difference Between Sunset And Sunrise

For me, I decided to call my painting a sunrise. Why? I have seen countless of sunsets and it’s glorious! It makes me feel like I am having a grand finale to end my day and at the same time reflect on how my day went. However, it’s predictable! I get out from work, find my way to gaze on a sunset, reflect about my day, go back home, grab some dinner, check the internet, chat with my loved ones, listen to music and get to sleep. There is almost nothing exciting or challenging about it. Well, I can look forward for tomorrow though. But come on guys! Let’s admit it! For some reasons (or should I say excuses?), we most of the time don’t get our plans done the next day. Chances are we might have forgotten about it or we are just completely don’t care like “Nah! Never mind…wait for another sunset to think about it again.” Procrastination at its finest. Just like your savings, right? (Ouch!..that sort of backfired right there! -.- )

With that in mind, it made me wonder how inspiring could it be to start my day with a beautiful sunrise instead, reflect on my plans for the day and how to achieve it. Sunrise gives the willpower of optimism. It fills light and hope for a day that is yet unknown. Yes, it is unpredictable yet exciting and encouraging. However, it is only caught in the hours when the people are quiet and heavy with sleep. For me, I honestly cannot remember when was the last time I caught one because I am a nocturnal animal. ^_^ I always like to stay up all night fighting the terrors of 3AM until I fall asleep too early in the morning and miss the sun’s rising. Every time I wake up, the sun is already right up in the sky shining so brightly and trying’ to make my skin ‘chocolatier’ (but tastier! kidding!). But that’s what makes the Sunrise even special. As they are saying goes, not everything that’s worth-having comes easy. Every time I catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunrise, it is always rewarding. 🙂

How about you? Are you a team Sunset or a team Sunrise? (=