Super Heroes in Combat Boots

Reading posts about the siege in Marawi, Philippines, reminds me of my Father;
…how he never get tired of narrating his military life again and again during his time…
…how he willfully submitted his innocent ‘civilian self’ in the military at a very young age and get used to the rigors and demands of being a soldier..
…how he spent many months away from home; lengthy hours of drill with insufficient food & shelter; inadequate health care support during horrible sickness; and countless days spent marching on hot and dusty roads…
…how he bravely fought against the impulsive terrorists in Mindanao.

If I am watching the news beside my father in Cebu right now, I’d probably be hearing his story again (and I’ll never get tired listening). It was a life and death experience he would never forget. He risked his life & fought for our country. He is a hero. Indeed, me and my siblings are lucky children born in this world after our father survived from a Mindanao war and met my mom.

I salute all our soldiers who chose to be out there right now in Marawi and fight for the peace in our country. If the Maute Group uses hostages as human shields, our military forces courageously offer their selves to be the country’s human shields.


Remembering the “Fallen SAF” (Photo from

I am posting this not just to share my father’s great story as a soldier nor express my nostalgic emotions right now. I am posting this to invite everyone to pray for peace in our country. I may not be a religious person who reads the Holy Bible at home or pray the Holy Rosary everyday, nor am I a person who goes to church every Sunday to hear the Holy Mass. I believe each of us has our own special way of keeping our relationship with God. We all pray together regardless of which religion we belong; Muslim or Christian. We are one people who worship one God. This is not a perfect time to laugh at our soldiers while they’re gearing up for the war and trying to save us while we are enjoying the comfort of our couch, browsing our newsfeed. We are not sending robots out there to fight against terrorism. They are soldiers who have family left at home and are hoping for their return, safe and sound. They are our ultimate super heroes in combat boots.

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.”

May the Lord enlighten our government to make the WISE and RIGHT decisions. May he STRENGTHEN our soldiers; PERMANENTLY WEAKEN and VANISH this imprudent terrorism. May all the hostages be FREED UNHARMED.


Pray and make a change. Pray for world peace. Pray until the whole world hears.