To My Wonderwoman on Valentines Day

If there’s one person I look up to about love, it is YOU, mom!

You have been through life! Broken, neglected, taken advantage of, suspected and blah blah blah! Name it! I think you are making it your bucket list! Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring it up now but it’s just amazing how life has ‘skinned you alive’ yet you can still throw that big smile to the world and give love to people around. And it’s not just any kind of love that you’re giving, it’s unconditional love even until nothing’s left for yourself. 

It’s gonna be a quite Valentine. I don’t have cake, chocolates or flowers for now. But, I’ll see you in the next two weeks!!! Yey!

I love you so much ma! If you are proud of me, I am more than proud to be your daughter. I will always be your Luna Jra and you will always be the inspiration for every dreams that I am chasing! Yes, we have fallen. But like what you would always tell me, keep the faith. Someday, we will be able to rise up again. If not now, then just keep trying…patiently..hehe!

Happy ♥’s Day!

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